Innomof has created with Mexican technology the first device in Latin America capable to film lithographic plates for the printing industry. This project, along its different steps, has developed new products and services. The objective of this project since its inception was to join many areas of the engineering but mainly optics to create a high quality product. All these elements together have generated the so-called Computer-To-Plate for the printing industry.

Computer-To-Plate device

The device started as an experimental set up but is has been evolved until the year 2011 that the first pilot plant has been installed on a production line. This is an important achievement for the graphic industry, not just because it satisfies the demand of the packing industry, but also because it will be a cost-effective solution for large formats. scanner.jpg Optical module At the moment, the product is been used and evaluated in the facilities of a printing business in the city of Leon  Guanajuato (Mexico). In a short period the product will be commercialized with the focus in large formats printing. The main features of the current device are:

  • Large printing area of 1.00 x 1.40 meters.
  • Resolution up to 2500 ppi. Speed of 18 plates (of square meter) per hour.

High power laser of 120mW compatible with most of the plates of the market. System plug-and-play based in USB 2.0 technologies. Intuitive software friendly with most of design tools of the market.

Printed spots of 10 microns