Innomof feels very proud of the people how have collaborated in all the projects during different stages. All of them are highly qualified human resources who have made a remarkable effort to reach all the achievements of the company. By now the company has grow to a group of profesionals working on different fields for different purposes. Their names, activities and contributions are listed below:

  • Alfredo Montelongo: He is an industrial engineer and one of the co-founder of Innomof. He is the CEO and is in charge of all administrative issues of the company. He also works close to the industry and is in charge of commercialisation of our developments.

  • Yunuen Montelongo: He is a physic engineer and one of the co-founder of Innomof. He leads al technological developments of the company. He is also the main link with our collaborators including the University of Guanajuato.

  • Liberato Ortiz: He is a mechanical engineer and he has contributed to the design of structures and other mechanisms. His has also collaborated with the generation of construction planes and CAD models. Luis Regil: He is an industrial designer who has created the the frames and the visual concepts of the devices. Most of his contributions have been fibre glass samples and moulds for the fabrication of the frame.

  • Alejandro Valdez: He worked for several years as a printing technician at NeoColor. At the moment he collaborates testing printing plates in the industrial environment.

  • Francisco Montoya: He is the accountant of Innomof and he in charge of all fiscal issues of the company.